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Leather Re Colouring

Reuse & Recycle your Leather Items
Eventually, all leather will get to the point where a new colour finish will be required.

We can re-colour leather goods including domestic furnishings, automotive trim and seating. Whatever your situation, be it commercial or private, Dyeing.com.au can work on your leather goods. Faded, stained & even damaged leather can be recoloured. Our recolouring technique is a protective coating that bonds to the leather surface like a second skin; it flexes and stretches with the leather. Recoloured leather can be cleaned easily, and resists fading, water and wear.

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Dyeing your leather furniture is a fraction of the cost of buying new

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Types of leather we restore and recolour
Types of leather we restore and recolour
Types of leather we restore and recolour

Leather Sofa Dyeing

Whether you have green, black, white or even PINK leather we can completely change that leather to your preferred colour.

This finish is found on 75% of new leather furniture. The leather with this colour coating is called protected, pigmented, or coated leather. Colours can be custom-mixed to match most leather or paint colours. We can reproduce solid colour, or a richer 2-tone look or maybe you require a distressed or patina effect? All this can be created by the technicians of Dyeing.com.au.

You also get that surface sheen that comes from the clear top coating, and can be satin, glossy or matte. The colour can be touched up or coloured over at any time to maintain a fresh look.

We’re Dyeing to save your Leather in Melbourne

If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to satisfy you.

The Advantages of Leather Dyeing:

Leather Chair Re-Colouring

After years of colour-matching leather dyes, Dyeing.com.au have built up an extensive knowledge of genuine car leather colours and furniture leather colours.

We come to you on site and colour match your problem areas. We then mix up the correct dye for you and provide you with training & directions insuring you know the correct process. Using one of our Dyeing Kits can save you money on the repair of your leather items and the knowledge that you have learned can be used further down the track.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pretty much the same as spray painting a car.
We prep the area,  sand, repair, and then prime with 2 coats.
Then we apply 2-4 coats of colour.
Then a top coat of your choice matt, satin gloss or extreme gloss consisting of 2-4 coats.

Yes, it’s permanent. We have to apply several processes to insure this and guarantee our work!

Defiantly not. We trust our process that gives us the best results for your leather

Vinyl and leather can be fixed, repaired, resprayed, and recoloured. 

We ask you to remove the seats if recolouring is required.

We sure can.  Suede fades due to sunlight but we can put the colour back, it’s not an easy process but defiantly achievable. We can dye Suede pants, jackets, shoes, and lounges.

Minor rips, colour tints, cleans and conditions yes we do.

Restoration to the same colour and new colour

Sometimes if the leather cannot be moved we will then make several visits to treat the leather on site

Simply wipe them down with warm water and a small squirt of morning fresh dishwashing liquid every 4-6 months with very light pressure and let dry. Conditioning of the leather is most important and we can provide you with a conditioning treatment.

It lasts as long as your couch will.
You will always get scratches from animals and kids but we provide you with a touch-up colour kit for future use so your leather continues to look great.

Absolutely. Our work is our guarantee.

A pricing guide can be found on our prices page

Yes, we need you to supply a sample, a swatch, a towel, or a piece of paper. 

Photos are not sufficient. 

Yes, you can we can go from white to black, red to white it doesn’t matter as long as it’s pigmented leather and not aniline leather.

Dye is see-through colour and the pigment is a solid colour.

Anilines are dyed and therefore require dye to be added back when fading and damage occurs.

No, it can’t. We can only dye darker.

But we can change an aniline to a pigmented lounge and then you can have any colour you like.

You should allow for approximately 24 hours of dry time These dry times can vary wildly depending on where you live. If you’re in an extremely humid area, drying can take longer.


Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

They are magicians.Sharyn did a miraculous job repairing some cat scratches on a brand new leather ottoman. The ottoman looks like it was never damaged, nor repaired. Amazing. 👏🏻👏🏻
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Jackie we really appreciate you taking the time to write a review
Our 35 year old cream leather lounge suite was covered in scratches from several dogsThanks to your amazing products we now have a brand new suite. The colour is just perfect and almost the original creamThank you so much 🙏👏👏👏
Response from the owner: Thank you Janet xx
Expert job on our 20 year old recliners. They look brand new. Very pleased with result and would highly recommend Sharon's work.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much John we appreciate you taking the time to write a review
amazing, friendly and professional service and communication! I am genuinely blown away at the incredible job Sharyn and Brandon have achieved with our couch it looks BRAND NEW! So happy with it and would 20/10 recommend Melbourne Dyeing to any and every one looking for a quality restoration or recolour!! Thanks so much guys :)
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for you lovely review ..We where so please you choose our small business for your lounge colour change ..
Sharyn picked up and dropped off my hotrod roof for re dying. It's 42 years old, white & severely stained. When Sharyn dropped it back off, it looked brand new, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.Cheers Brett
Response from the owner: Thank you Brett was a great challenge and awesome outcome can’t wait to see it driving around town
Our 11 year old leather lounge suite looks brand new. The service was amazing. Pick up and drop off. A seamless process. Sharyn even gave us some touch up paint if required for the future.And to think we were going to throw out the lounge suite as we thought it was beyond repair. However, upon investigation, the same suite new was around $20k. This prompted seeking other options which is how we came accross Melbourne Dyeing. So happy that we decided to take this option as sustainability is our future.
Response from the owner: Thank you Leanne for your wonderful honest review
Whilst carrying out a colour change to our sitting room we were faced with what to do with our near new swivel Chair. The solution was to die as we could not get a replacement in black.Fantastic job and cost effective as they picked up and delivered plus kept us informed at all times.Would definitely recommend this company.
Response from the owner: Thank you rayGlad we could help with this one No need to buy new when we can recolour
Found Sharryn and gave her a try, being a car guy I was a bit dubious but the end result was amazing I highly recommend Sharryns work
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your honest review we really appreciate you taking the time
Wow! We are absolutely thrilled with the work Sharyn did on our couch, painting it from cream to a matt black. Excellent and timely service and a super job, we now have a 10 year old leather couch that looks brand new. Don’t hesitate to call Melbourne Dyeing before you decide to replace you leather couch to see how they can help.
Response from the owner: Omg thank you so much for your lovely review .. and we are thrilled with your new couch it does look much better matt black
Absolutely blown away by the workmanship and quantity provided by Sharyn and Brandon! Knowledge and experience equals awesome customer service satisfaction!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your amazing review
We had an 8 year old leather sofa that was heavily faded and marked up but such good quality that I wouldn't replace it. Sharyn worked dye magic on it and returned the colour to its original in only a week. I'm thrilled with the outcome. My sofa looks gorgeous! Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you stefanie it was a pleasure restoring your sundaes lounge .. thank iii for your honest review
AMAZING service and quality. It is so rare to find dedicated, patient, solution-oriented and honest people like these. And generous as well as they delivered my sofa covers at home without charging anything. I couldn’t thank so much for such a trivial yet wonderful experience. All the very best wishes to this business and their owners. No wonder there is 5 starts all the way. Respect. Berto
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your reviewSorry we couldn’t help you this timeBut at least you have nice clean wash covers .. enjoy and have a lovely weekend sharyn Melbourne dyeing
Sharyn and Brandon work is amazing
Response from the owner: Thank you Tom it was. Pleasure restoring your car seats
I'm over the moon with the restoration of my couches. Sharyn is a pleasure to deal with, we had hiccups with my getting Covid, reorganising was seamless. The results and customer service is OUTSTANDING.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much It was an absolute pleasure to see your couches restored to their former glory .. enjoy
Restored a King Leather lounge with significant animal claw scratches, a burn mark from a hot cup and general wear and tear. Looks and smells brand new! The lounge was saved from the curb side.Customer service was first class, compared to others I contacted first. Picked up and delivered back in just over a week - which was quicker than advised. Definitely recommendWell worth repairing and restoring your leather furniture rather than it go to landfill (as this one may have ended up). Thanks for the ease of which this all happened.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for you amazing review, so nice to see people restore their lounges rather than tip them ..well worth restoring such worthy couches
Sharyn did an awesome job of bringing my tired old mismatched car seats back to life!!So happy with the results
Response from the owner: Thank you Shaun for your amazing reviewSo glad to make the car seats all one colour again
Offered a great experience with a difficult task! 100% satisfied with the results! Recommending to friends and family!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Ryan for your reviewAns we are so happy to have got this right for you. Enjoy your saddle bags
Sharyn was a pleasure to work with.100% honest and direct, loved it.The leather lounge looks like new, great job guys.Thanks SharynThanks Brandon
Response from the owner: Thank you so much James for leaving a review it was a pleasure restoring your lounge
Sharyn did such a wonderful on our creamNatuzzi couch - better than new. She was also so easy to correspond with - she went over and above for us. The pick and delivery was super helpful. I’ll be having her fix our car seats next!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for you review it was a pleasure restoring your lounge and can’t wait to do the other one :)
Thanks Sharyn. Repaired our leather couch with professionalism knowing what to you had to do and did in a fast time. Will recommend you to anyone that needs work done . Thanks again
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Vince for your reviewWe really appreaciate you taking the time to write if for us ..
A fantastic job. I can hardly believe my eyes. The results are brilliant. Sharyn made the damage disappear like magic. I really didn’t think it was possible. I’m blown away by her skills. I highly recommend this business. Friendly. Timely. Helpful. Professional. An overall phenomenal service!
Response from the owner: Thank you Emma especially for the inconvenience your end with the review :(
Sharyn, I can't thank you guys enough for helping out my old auntie with her stains. A friend of our recommended you and I can now see why.We will certainly also recommend your services.
Response from the owner: Thank you Steve
I found out about this Company in the website as I was looking for someone to repair my 2 sofas. Sharyn did a very good job and gave excellent service to me. Thank you to you and Brandon.Gary
Response from the owner: Thank you Gary really appreciate your recommendations.. now you get yo enjoy your old lounge like new again
Sharyn and Brandon came to my home last week and collected my damaged chair. I now have it back beautifully restored to its original beauty.I am extremely in awe of their work
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your honest review ..we loved fixing this chair for youTake care
Our old distressed leather lounge suite was torn, bleached and stained. Sharyn’s service was fast and her effort to match the best parts was outstanding. With just one co-worker they picked up and delivered a heavy suite navigating a busy car park and lift. Sharyn was sensitive about the desired effect and the results were amazing. The service was quick with great communication and progress photos along the way.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much timFor your review we really appreciate it and. So glad we could Restore your beautiful lounges
Highly recommended couldn't be happier with Sharon and team.My couch came back looking nearly new.Thanks guys.Cathy
Response from the owner: Thank you Maria we loved working in your couches .. they did come up amazing
Cant recommend their service enough. They responded to my enquiry and were at the door within hours of my call, and did a phenomenal job on the carpet in question. Safe to say i got my bond back. Thanks guys
Response from the owner: Thank you Anza
Emailed Sharyn on short notice to repair a heap of bleach marks on my rental properties carpet. She was very accommodating and promptly came out. Her and Brandon quickly blitzed through the property correcting all the stains. She has a lifetime guarantee on her work and has checked in multiple times to make sure I'm happy with it. I know going forward if the marks return she will be more than willing to come back.
Response from the owner: Thank you Dan really appreciate you taking the time to upload before and after photos .. it was a pleasure working for you
Extremely pleased with finished result & Sharyn was a pleasure to deal with.Thank so much for helping me out, will recommend your business to anyone.RegardsWesley
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Wesley
Sharyn and Brandon were superb. We have a white leather couch that we love and take great care of but unfortunately we had colour transfer from clothing. The stain was removed, the couch looks brand new!!! The colour match was perfect. We were also shown how to protect and look after the couch moving forward, I cannot thank you enough…
Response from the owner: Thank you Diana
Really experienced and professional. The sofa looks like new. Thank you Sharyn and Branden. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to have their leather sofa recoated.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review
Great customer service and Very knowledge, if you need any leather colour done these guys are for you!
Response from the owner: Thank you james we really are gratefulYou took the time to leave a review
Response from the owner: Thank you so much
Sharon did an amazing job on our leather lounge suit! She has great attention to detail and took all the time that was needed for a great job! We would highly recommend her!
Response from the owner: Thank you glad to help you :)
Sharyn and Brandon did a sterling job bringing our two couches back to their original glory.Would be happy to recommend Sharyn’s services to anyone looking at rejuvenating their couches. Ours were in a pretty bad way and now look brand new. 😁Florence
Response from the owner: Thank you
Professional and efficient service! Our Tessa lounge looks brand new, thanks to MCD!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review
I had, Sharyn and Brandon come and do my car seat today.They fixed a crack in my leather seat and taught me how to look after the leather in my car, also giving me a free touch up colour for the future if I need.I highly recommend this buisness, as they are amazing at what they do.
Response from the owner: Thank you mat
Sharyn was amazing! Can't fault her or her work!
Response from the owner: Thank you Jana
Sharyn was so easy to deal withReally knows her tradeOn time and kept me in the loop through all steps I would recommend her 100%
Response from the owner: Thank you sue so much for your honest review
Sharyn came out to colour dye our carpets which I thought would most definitely need replacing. She was amazing and not only did the huge bleach stains disappear I had trouble spotting where they even were, the colour match was perfect. She was professional and efficient in her work and would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your honest review
Our Tessa Leather Chairs (more than 40 years old) recently completed their circuit of family members and were returned to us. Two of the chairs looked a little worse for wear and the third had severely crazed leather, some splits and cat scratches. At best we were hopeful that two chairs could be salvaged. Fortunately I discovered GV Carpet & Leather Restorations.We now have three restored chairs. The restored leather has the appropriate look (a rich black) & feel (soft & supple). Our decision to repair rather than replace has been vindicated. We are very happy with the outcome and wish to congratulate Sharyn and Brandon on a job well done. Their communication at all times was exemplary, as was their enthusiasm for the task at hand.Our kids have now seen the restored chairs and were also very impressed.
Response from the owner: Thank you Robert
Sharyn and Brandon did an amazing job restoring my leather dining chairs. Sharyn is highly knowledgeable and was patient enough to explain the process to me. The end result was fantastic and I can recommend her services highly. Keep up the great work 😃
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review and so glad we could restore your dining chairs
Highly recommend Sharyn’s company. Very professional, coloured matched our leather couch & re-applied the clear coating.Very friendly, & will definitely use Sharyn again in the future, including providing her details to others if they require any leather repairs or restorations.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much LyndalWe are so please with the outcome of your couch .
Delighted with the professional service provided by Sharyn. The transformation of our leather suite is sensational. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your reviewWe are so glad we could transform your couch
I am so grateful to Sharyn and Brandon for bringing my couch back to life and changing the colour to blend in with the other furniture. My lounge now looks stunning with this beautifully restored piece. She is a true professional and takes great pride in her work.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review and I must say this transformation was incredible.. we loved doing it as it turned out fabulous
Definitely recommend this company - had a brand new white wool rug that had coffee spilt on it - Sharon was super helpful over the phone with suggestions on how to treat it -I tried them and fixed it - very grateful - Thank you
Response from the owner: Thank you jasmine so glad we helped you save your rug
AMAZING!!! We had a 10 year old couch that was so comfortable but was the wrong colour when we moved house. These guys dyed the couch which now looks brand new and is still as comfortable as ever!! Highly recommend!!!!
Response from the owner: Hi DonnaThank you so much for you review we loved completely changing the colour it defiantly came out amazing
Absolutely delighted with our lounges after Sharyn and Brandon worked their magic! They took such care and now the lounges look better than ever. I highly recommend this company!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Helen .. it was a pleasure to meet you ans so glad we could help
Extremely satisfied with the professional restoration of our damaged couch and the prompt and reliable service provided by sharyn and crew!
Response from the owner: Thank you Gary it was my pleasure